How to join IFCM

Membership is for anyone who acknowledges our philosophy.

Please fill in and send to our administration “Registration Form”.

You will then receive details about how to pay your membership fees.


Annual membership fees

 Individual member 10,000 yen

 Student member  5,000 yen

 Sponsor 50,000 yen

(per sponsorship)

*No admission fee is required.


We welcome your donations.

(For more information, please contact our administration.)

Membership benefits

Our members can

  • Participate in the meetings of the societies, academic and public lectures at a membership discount.*1
  • Submit articles to the journal of Comprehensive Medicine.* (*The journal is distributed free to subscribers.)
  • Enroll in a RIL program*2.
  • Seek advice on health issues and counselling services from our physicians and RILs at a membership discount.
  • Have us deliver a lecture and/or send a speaker on comprehensive medicine to external meetings.
  • Take elearning courses at a membership discount. (prospective business)
  • Be assisted in making preparations to enroll in a doctorate program at an overseas institution.*3


*1: We organize the following at present:

Academic meetings:

the International Society of Comprehensive Medicine

the Japanese Society of Existential Therapy

the Japanese Society of Pain and Psychosomatic medicine

Training program:

RIL lecture series, RIL workshops


comprehensive medicine, Oriental medicine (Chinese medicine and acupuncture), music therapy, balneo-logotherapy, cancer dialogue, food-nourishment

Patient group:

learning together for pain patients and medical workers


*2: RIL is accredited and registered jointly by the Japanese Society of Existential Therapy and the Viktor Frankl Institute.


*3: The Viktor Frankl Institute and IFCM are collaborating to give support to those wishing to study for a doctorate in philosophy and comprehensive medicine at International Academy of Philosophy in the Principality of Lichtenstein.