About us

International Foundation of Comprehensive Medicine(IFCM)


Our aim

We aspire to re-humanize conventional medicine, relieve the ordeal of illness and encourage individual citizens to use their initiative to create wholeperson health. To achieve these goals, we make an effort to research, develop, communicate and lecture in comprehensive medicine.



Kishiko Nagata*

*She is the wife of the late Katsutaro Nagata (M.D., Ph.D./former president of IFCM)

*Dr.Katsutaro Nagata, former president of IFCM, passed away in 2022.


Year of establishment

April 2011 -- founded as a general incorporated foundation

April 2015 – accredited for a public interest incorporated foundation by Cabinet Office of the Japanese Government


Our structure

the Japanese Society of Existential Therapy, the Japanese Society of Pain and Psychosomatic Medicine, the International Society of

Comprehensive Medicine, the Board of governors, the Board of trustees, the Audit committee, other committees




The Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna

International Academy of Philosophy

in the Principality of Liechtenstein


Annual membership fees

Individual member -- 10,000 yen

Student member -- 5,000 yen

Sponsor -- 50,000 yen (per sponsorship)



the Journal of Comprehensive Medicine


About us
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